AFAN Balloon Dresses

For the 7th year in a row, we are back at our favorite party! The crew made some incredible AFAN balloon dresses for the now famous Black and White Party!

AFAN Balloon Dress

Every year our very own Tawney B joins the Balloons With A Twist team! Together, they design some pretty stunning balloon dresses!

About the AFAN Black and White Party:

The AFAN black and white party was once just a small gathering in the originators backyard. As the popularity of this event grew, so did the venue. The backyard could no longer contain this much fabulousness! Today it is a fashion extravaganza! It eventually found a new home at the Hardrock Casino. Now the party hosts an array of black and white themed body art, tuxedos, costumes, stilt walkers, and of course balloon dresses. 

AFAN Balloon DressThe major goal of the event is to provide aid for the families of people living with AIDS. AFAN’s enormous contribution to those living with AIDS is all made possible by the contributions of the community.  The event is so much more than just fashion. Guests are treated to live entertainment from some of the best shows on the strip, tastings from the most delicous restaurants in the valley, and libations galore. All of this is generously donated by the community sponcers.

AFAN Balloon DressAbout the AFAN balloon dresses:

We’ve been participating in the Black and White Party for 7 years now. The challenge is to come up with a new design each year. If you’ve been following us, you’ll know that Tawney created a balloon wedding dress a few months back. The bride, who was married in Cancun, loved her dress so much, but was a little disappointed she couldn’t bring it home with her.

Tawney didn’t want to disappoint her, so the girls came up with a plan. Tawney recreated the wedding dress for the Black and White Party. That way the bride could spend one more night feeling like a balloon princess! Some minor adjustments were made to the design, to fit the flamboyant nature of the party. She also added a really fun balloon hat to the dress. The additional model, Dr. Amanda Morgan wore a matching dress in black. Amanda’s dress took on a creepier vibe to balance out the elegance of Julie’s white balloon dress.

World Inflated is very excited to see what the gang comes up with next year! 

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Black and White Party 2015