Balloon Dress for the March For Science

Tawney created a balloon dress for the March for Science, and we couldn’t be prouder. 

balloon dress for the March for ScienceThe March for Science is a grassroots movement to “champion science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity.” We march to advocate science’s important role in policy making and reform. This year World Inflated created a balloon dress for the March for Science to show our support. The dress was created by Tawney B, and showcases several different branches of science. 

balloon dress for the March for ScienceMarch for science 2017: 

Over 600 cities participated in the March for Science with an estimated global attendance of just over one million. There was a March held in all 7 continents including Antartica. Yes…Antartica! During the winter months, a very small crew scientists stay behind to continue research. The seven person team put on their warmest coats, made a poster, and had their own small march to show their support! Swoon! 

March for ScienceThe Balloon Dress: 

Tawney created a fun, colorful balloon dress to add a little flair to the festivities. The dress included elements of biology, evolution, and astronomy. A DNA strand made its way around the skirt, as well as an evolutionary chain. Starting from the bottom, we have a single-celled organism, bacterium, eukaryote, sponge, jellyfish, oxstracoderm, lizard, rodent, possum, and monkey, and finally man. Geek your heart out! 

balloon dress for the March for ScienceA Balloon Solar System

The dress also featured a balloon solar system flying above Jamie’s head. A huge helium filled sun was in the center of the solar system of course, and all 8 planets were represented. Tawney even included Pluto, but Neil Degrasse Tyson is kicking Pluto out! Oh Neil. We love you, you big meanie! 


balloon dress for the March for Science
Neil DeGrasse Tyson giving Pluto the boot!

We were very proud to take part in this important event, and hope to see science play an important role in future policy decisions. 

balloon dress for the March for ScienceThe March is over, and the movement has begun. Science marches forward, and so do we.