AFAN Balloon Tuxedo


Balloon Tuxedo dress

AFAN is always a great Las Vegas party, and 2014 was no exception. This was the 28th annual Black and White party benefiting AFAN (Aid for AIDS of Nevada), with the only dress code being, all apparel must be black and white. Over 3,000 guests raised nearly $130,000 for the event, and I was so happy to once again be part of such a great organization.  Model Amanda Morgan, modeled a Las Vegas balloon dress again for me this year.  This year was a little different however, as a Balloon Tuxedo was requested.  Challenge accepted! 

Balloon Tuxedo

Patrick Worley, a professional classical guitar player and music teacher, was called upon to model the outfit.  We had so much fun with the balloon tux, we actually decided it needed to be made again in the studio so we could get some really good shots.  Photographer Richard Faverty of course did an amazing job taking the photos!

Balloon costume
Amanda Morgan was a fantastic model for the balloon dress.  Dr. Morgan is a professional sexologist (you heard that right) here in Las Vegas. Specializing in public health, she takes pride in educating people on the prevention of disease, so AFAN holds a very special place in her heart.

This amazing event is open to the public, so several of my friends came along to show support. Apparently one of them felt a little left out, and made himself a set of balloon suspenders. I was quite proud of his ingenuity until a lady walked right passed the light up balloon tuxedo and light up balloon dress only to comment on how clever she thought the suspenders were. Go figure… Twenty hours of work on the two costumes, only to get upstaged by impromptu balloon suspenders! Admittedly, they were pretty darn cute! 

balloon suspenders

At the end of the night Patrick and Amanda were both pretty tried and ready to get off their feet. Thanks to both of them for wearing the balloon dress and the balloon tuxedo!

balloon costume
Turns out you CAN sit in a balloon dress!