Cocktail Parties

Balloon Balloon Dollar Sign.jpgBalloon Lady Bug Straw.jpgBalloon Top Hat.jpgballoon_3.jpgBalloonFasinator2.jpgChristmasBalloonHats.jpgMardiGrasBalloonHats.jpg

Sophistication need not be sacrificed in order to add whimsy to a fine affair.  Tawney’s balloon art compliments guest by coordinating custom balloons to match both the wearer’s outfit and their personality with great concern being taken to liven up the event, not distract.  Each guest is given a unique balloon design based on their taste.  For some this is a bold stylized hat, for others it is a classy wrist corsage. Each event transforms into a sea of vibrant color, as charming accents are gifted to captivated attendees.