Ursula and Cthulhu Costumes for Circus Couture

Cthulhu costumeThe Las Vegas Review Journal proclaimed Circus Couture’s “Twelve” to be one of 2015’s most engaging philanthropic evenings. It was genuinely a night to remember, and we were honored to make an artistic contribution. This year Tawney was asked to makes an Ursula costume and a Cthulhu costume. Tawney LOVES creepy monsters and villains, so this was right up her alley. She pretty much dropped everything to start working on sketches, and we had to drag her back to work! It was a truly magical experience for everyone involved, and to top it all off, it was for a worthwhile cause!

Cthulhu costumeCircus Couture

For those of you unfamiliar with this non-profit, Circus Couture is a Las Vegas based charity. They use art, circus, and fashion events to raise money for the treatment and research of pediatric cancer. The organization started small in 2010, but has since expanded. It now boasts performances from some of the most highly revered artists in the community!

ursula costume Tawney Makes a Balloon Ursula Costume and a Balloon Cthulhu Costume

“Twelve” was the theme for this year’s event. “We’re winding down the clock for pediatric cancer and creating a healthier, brighter future for the children,” There were many ways this theme was incorporated into the night’s performances. One of the ways the theme was expressed was through the twelve signs of the zodiac. This is where Tawney’s artistic contributions come in! The two balloon costumes Tawney made, Cthulhu and Ursula, were part of a comedy routine parodying the zodiacs.

Cthulu Costume

Cthulhu costume
Cthulhu costume modeled by Jon Deline. Photography by Shane O’Neal.

Cthulhu is a mystical cosmic entity that is often depicted as part man, part octopus and part dragon. It was modelled by Jon Deline who is a fabulous actor and physical comedian from Eugene Oregon. It took Tawney about 250 balloons and 13 hours to make. This thing had massive wings, glowing red eyes, was just bada$$! We were so proud of Tawney when we saw it come on stage! 

Ursula Costume 

Ursula Costume
Ursula ensemble worn by Kelsey Custard. Photo by Danielle DeBruno Photography for Child Studios.

The dress was modeled by Kelsey Custard. Kelsey is a clown in KA by Cirque Du Soleil. The Ursula costume took around 300 balloons and 12 hours to make (keeping with the theme!). The famous sea witch is arguably one of the most memorable characters in Disney history, and it proved to be quite the attraction! The costume was made even better when worn by the talented Kelsey Custard! 

Cthulhu costume
Cthulhu’s costume was dived up amongst the kids at Circus Couture.

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