Fashion and Couture


photocrati gallery“I feel like fashion brings art to life. There is something really stunning about the movement created by something as simple as the breath of the wearer. The way a dress moves when it is laughed in, or danced in. All those tiny moments that just can’t be reproduced. It’s very organic.” ~Tawney B.

People will stare.  People will take pictures, and they will remember the time they saw a beautiful girl in a dress made entirely out of balloons. Inspired by the joy balloons bring, Tawney has created a collection of unique, whimsical ball gowns, dresses, and costumes.  Each balloon dress has its own distinct personality and character, specifically designed to compliment both the wearer and the event. Tawney’s balloon fashion shows have been featured all over the world from Japan to China, Belgium, to New York, and of course all over her home town of Las Vegas.

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