Balloon Twisting Las VegasLive Balloon Twisting

World Inflated will fill your party with color and joy as our talented artists create amazing balloon sculptures. We will dazzle your crowd with magical beasts, beautiful creatures, and wild hats. You and your guests will get to watch as a whimsical piece of art is created live, just for them.

Balloon Decor Decor and Installations 

World Inflated can fill any room with color, joy, and magic! Whether you need centerpieces to spice up your tables, an archway to help celebrate your birthday, or an entire ballroom turned into a balloon zoo, we are here to make that happen!

Face PaintFace and Body Art

World Inflated’s face and body artists use hypo-allergenic paints to turn you guests into beautiful princesses, scary monsters, and a whole host of magical creatures!

Children’s Magic ShowMagical Balloon Shows

Tawney B has performed for audiences all over the world. Her show combines magic and balloons in a highly interactive experience your kids will love. Watch as she has the kids rolling on the floor. 

Balloon Deliveries Deliveries and Party Favors

Want to send something special to a loved one? Perhaps you want something unique to give to all of your guest? World Inflated has you covered! Our unique balloon sculptures and party favors are a great way to show you care! 

Balloon DressesWearable Art

Balloon dresses and costumes are the pride and joy of the World Inflated family. Each piece of wearable art is a unique creation designed specifically for you and your event!