Balloon Dresses are a Hit!

The Las Vegas Review Journal did a fun little article about Tawney and her Wonderground balloon dresses!

fashion show balloon dresses

Wonderground Balloon Dresses are a hit!

Laura Carroll of the Las Vegas Business Press stopped by The Wonderground to catch a balloon fashion Tawney was putting on that evening. Balloon dresses are a new trend we’re starting! Pass it on! The fashion show featured three colorful balloon dresses modeled by three talented Las Vegas performers. Laura hung out backstage while Tawney was getting the models ready.  I must say, she did a fabulous job of hiding all of the crazy that is backstage! Everything may look perfect onstage, but I could write a whole article on the crazy adventure that is backstage! Laura took pictures and chatted with Tawney, while she finished weaving the girls into their balloon dresses. balloon dresses

From Tawney: “I was so happy to to return to the Las Vegas Wonderground once again. Jeff McBride (the producer of Wonderground) made a name for himself long before I came on the scene. However Wonderground was just getting started the same time I was. In many ways, I feel like Wonderground and I have grown up together, so it was really lovely to find myself back home.” 

Balloon dresses Wonderground Las Vegas
Model Melanie Cramer helps Serena Ohler put on her eyelashes!

colorful balloon dresses

balloon dresses

The color theme for this event was black with rainbow accents.  Models Melanie Kramer, Katherine Leigh Beckman, and Serena Oehler were fabulous as they made their way down the catwalk.

Each Wonderground balloon dress had it’s own features and personality, but the show stopper was the rainbow dress which featured over 50 yards of balloon lace! 

The audience loved seeing the balloon dresses on the catwalk, and the models did a fantastic job of showing off Tawney’s work. The display of color that popped on the black balloons was really eye catching, and we can’t wait until the next time we return to Wonderground!