Balloon​ ​Tuxedo​ ​for​ ​Cosmopolitan

​Balloon​ ​Tuxedo​ ​for​ ​Cosmopolitan​ ​Magazine- An innovative idea

World Inflated and the Twisted Balloon company teamed up in New York City to create a balloon tuxedo for Cosmopolitan Magazine. We were brought in to be part of a rather interesting shoot. Here’s the idea. We put a hot guy in a balloon tuxedo, and pop it off of him! What’s left underneath are his briefs and gorgeous six pack abs!  

This is why we love working with the Twisted Balloon Company. Every time they call, it’s for something ridiculous and fun like this! Of course Tawney jumped at the chance to pop a cute boy out of his clothes! 

balloon tuxedo for cosmopolitain magazineThe Balloon Tuxedo

Tawney was booked on another gig in Las Vegas the night before the shoot, so she left her gig, went to the airport, flew to New York, got off the plane, and immediately took a taxi to Cosmopolitan’s home office! The life of an artist! She met up with the rest of the Twisted Balloon Company crew to bang out the tux in a few hours. She, Todd Neufeld, Rob Balchunas, and John Reid feverishly worked together to make this super cool balloon tuxedo. 

Their sexy model was on hand to let the team get measurements, and make sure the balloon tux was a custom fit. Side note. The model was a student at NYC, and while he wasn’t being fitted, he spent his time studying. We think that’s pretty swell. 

Balloon TuxedosWithin hours, the team created the tux. Within minutes, it was popped! 

The team loved watching their hard work destroyed in the best possible way! Their new friend stood to the side with a needle, and one by one popped each of the balloons off our sexy fella! 

balloon tuxedo for cosmopolitain magazineSpecial Effects!

We filled some of the balloons with confetti and glitter, so when they popped there was an extra bit of flair! The end result of their day was a super fun video that everybody loved! Tawney may still be drooling!