Balloon Dresses in Egypt

Balloon dresses in Egypt

Balloon Dresses in Egypt

Hi friends! I’m so excited to share my most resent adventure with you. For ten days I was making balloon dresses in Egypt for the the grand opening of the Mall of Egypt in Giza. I made so many new friends, and had such a wonderful time. Brought in by the folks at Dino Activation, each day required a new dress, and because of some time constraints, I only had about 5 hours to make each one. An average dress takes me about 8 hours, so this was a crunch, but the Egyptian crew was so helpful, the whole trip was a breeze.

Day 1: A Cotten Candy Dream 

Balloon dresses in Egypt

The lovely Elina Moore from Russia was tasked with modeling the dresses each day. Her sweet face, and wonderful personality, made her a fantastic model. On the first day, I chose to make a pink Marie Antoinette style balloon dress complete with braided detailing, bell sleeves and flowers. The top of the dress was made with long skinny balloons, while the skirt was made with more traditional round balloons. 

Day 2: A Metallic Spin

Balloon dresses in Egypt

On the second day I wanted something a bit more flowy, so I created this metallic balloon dress. Elina had a great time spinning around while she modeled and posed for pictures. 

Day 3: A Balloon Dress Under the Sea

balloon dresses in EgyptBalloon dresses in Egypt

By day three, body artist Louisa Stevens and I decided to join forces and start painting Elina’s face. Louisa’s paint looked gorgeous with this under the sea themed balloon dress. Personally, I think the three of us made a pretty good team.

Day 4: A Beautiful Fairy 

Balloon dresses in Egypt

By day four I was really having a blast making balloon dresses in Egypt. I was also picking up speed, so I decided to add some wings to this one. This precocious kiddo was feeling a little jealous, so I made her a pair of wings so she could play too! 

Day 5: A Rainbow Explosion 

Balloon dresses in Egypt

This rainbow dress had a little extra style to it. I loved how much attitude Elina brought to the balloon costume. Of course Louisa did a fantastic job on her face. 

Day 6: An Enchanted Garden 

Balloon dresses in Egyptballoon hat

On the sixth day of balloon dress madness, I made a blue dress with pink roses. Oh, and I found a little extra time to make this smiling cutie a balloon hat. 

Day 7: Sassy in Red

Balloon dresses in Egypt

I went with something a little more elegant to mix things up on the 7th day. Elina, of course, rocked it! 

Day 8: The Moulin Rouge 

Balloon dresses in Egypt

I think this one was my personal favorite. I modeled this balloon dress of the costumes I saw in Moulin Rouge. 

Day 9: The Triplets 

Balloon dresses in Egypt

As we came to the weekend, a couple of extra models were added into the mix. All three of these dresses were made in five hours. So yes. My hands were quite sore by this point! 

Day 10: The Garden Princess 

Balloon dresses in Egypt

On the final day, I made a woodland fairy themed dress to capture Elina’s sweet personality. I was sad to say goodbye, but so grateful to have made so many new friends, and have the opportunity to work with such amazing artist. 

Continued Adventures! 

I was not the only artist on location. This being the grand opening of the Mall of Egypt, an amazing international crew of artists were brought in to celebrate the event. There was everything from body artists from England to a balancing act from Korea, sand castle artists from Australia to a graffiti artist from Poland.

Balloon dresses
The crew gets a morning off to go visit the pyramids
Balloon dresses in Egypt
Backstage, we pose for a selfie with security!


Balloon dresses in Egypt
Backstage, Korean balancer, Rocky tries on one of the dresses.
Balloon dresses in Egypt
By the end of the 10 days, I had created a massive balloon dress graveyard!
Food in Egypt
One of our hosts brought us a home cooked meal which we ate like savages!
blue hair in Egypt
I even got the chance to ride a camel!