Balloon Octopus Menorah

Octopus Menorah! 

Octopus Menorah “Todd asked me to make a menorah, so I made this!”

Tawney spent a couple of weeks during the holidays kicking around New York, and working some swanky gigs. During  Hanukkah she and her good friend Todd were commissioned to  create a unique menorah to celebrate the occasion. But two of them came up with the awesome idea of making this Balloon octopus menorah. 

octopus menorah Everyone at Dr. Ruiz office loved this unique creation and it brought smiles to all of the visitors. Dr. Ruby frequently invites Todd of the twisted building company to decorate her office for special occasions. Hanukkah seemed like a great time to make something really special,  that all the kids and their parents would enjoy. 

 Each of the candles had an LED light in it, so they actually lit up!