Halloween Balloon Bikini for Surrender Nightclub

Halloween Balloon bikiniTawney B was at it again last night, as showed of her skills with this incredible Halloween balloon bikini. It was worn by the famous/infamous SnakeBabe, and the bikini looked stunning. The crowd went crazy for the sexy yet classy bikini, and everyone loved her giant balloon wings. 

Halloween Balloon bikiniThe World Famous SnakeBabe

All night SnakeBabe posed with the costumed revelers, and chatted with her fans. World Inflated has gotten to dress her up in balloons a few times, and in fact, you might be staring at her right now. If you purchased the Balloon Bikini Calendar, (and you remembered to flip to the correct date) she is wearing a balloon snake bikini! SnakeBabe LOVES Halloween, and all things scary and creepy, so of course she was Miss October! It is always such a pleasure to work with her. Yes, she is absolutely stunning, but more importantly, she is such a delightful person. She always has a smile, and is one of the hardest working women we know. Just ask her snake! 

Halloween Balloon bikiniSurrender Nightclub

Surrender nightclub features a full week of Halloween festivities, including some of the worlds hottest DJs, and an amazing costume contest! It was really fun  to see everyone dressed up in their finest Halloween costume. We all thoughts SnakeBabe’s costume was the sexiest, but we might be a little bit biased. 

Halloween Balloon bikiniThe Halloween Balloon Bikini 

The Balloon Bikini was made using Metallic colored balloons, and featured giant balloon wings. Tawney knew this was going to be a featured piece in a crowded nightclub, so she wanted to make sure the balloon Bikini really stood out. The massive wings towered above the crowd to ensure everyone knew there was something special to go see. After all, you don’t wear a balloon dress to blend in!  People swarmed SnakeBabe, and they couldn’t wait to take a selfie with her. The whole event was really fun and exciting, and we were so happy to be a part of it. 

At World Inflated, we love Halloween, and personally, I think we should start a campaign to make Halloween a year-long event! Who’s with me?! 

Halloween Balloon bikiniSidenote 

Snake Babe wore the Balloon bikini to a Halloween party the following night. Of course she looks amazing!